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Test Your Knowledge of Real Estate

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A Risk Fee is charged when a lease has expired and a tenant needs to stay longer but won’t renew their lease.

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The lower the cap rate, the lower the value of the property. The higher the cap rate, the higher the value of the property.

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The individual names of the operating expense accounts and categories generally depend upon the management agents computer program and chart of accounts

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Which of the following is not considered rent?

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If inflated water and sewer costs due to leaks are not corrected, not only will you lose substantial cash flow but your NOI and property value will also be adversely affected.

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As a general rule it’s ok to keep purchasing properties in the same entity since it reduces the cost of legal fees, bank fees, bookkeeping, etc.

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Which of the following is generally not included on a rent roll?

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Tenants who cause damage to their units are liable only up to the amount of their security deposit.

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If you are able to increase NOI by $5,000 a year, assuming a 5% cap rate you increased property value by:

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A good rule of thumb to estimate total payroll expenses would be to add approximately 10% - 15% to the amount of the actual gross wages.

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Which of the following doesn’t contribute to market cap rate changes?

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Which of the following should not be considered other income?

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Which of the following is the most important benefit of owning real estate?

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It’s often better to reduce rents during slow leasing periods even though it will have a negative effect on net operating income and property value in the short run.

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A property has an NOI of $250,000 and is selling for $6,500,000. Therefore, the property is selling at a 6.5% cap rate.

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Which of the following has nothing to do with the size of a unit?

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The Letter of Intent (“LOI”) is a binding document that serves to set forth the basic terms and conditions upon which the buyer and seller will enter into a much more definitive document known as the Contract of Sale (“Contract”).

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The All Bills Paid (“ABP”) method usually saves the owner money since the utility accounts are opened in the tenants name and H-VAC is controlled by the owner.

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If you can decrease an operating expense by $1 in a 4% cap rate market and also increase revenue by $1, property value will increase by:

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A $10,000 increase in Total Operating Revenue or a $10,000 decrease in Total Operating Expenses has the same effect on NOI and property value.

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