Learn Real Estate Street Smarts & Fundamentals that Beats a Harvard Education

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A classroom environment can only teach you so much. But raw experience can take even the greenest investor and forge them into a seasoned pro. Through transparent access to Liebman’s expertise, you’ll be on the fast track to commercial real estate success.



Stephen Mitchell

EVP, Asset Living
Sam’s real world and practical approach to teaching investment methodology creates a fundamental knowledge base for anyone considering a career in real estate investing.

curtis sliwa

Founder of the Guardian Angels

Sam channeled his “I’m as good as you” attitude and boundless energy to use his street smart learning to become a success in the cutthroat real estate business.

Tim Sabean

Former SVP of the Howard Stern Channels
Sam Liebman has created a manifesto for anyone who wants to up their game, not only in the Real Estate space but in business in general.


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